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DR-3080CII Canon Color Document Scanner

Canon, a leading imaging systems solution provider, now brings a new standard of price/performance to the departmental level with the Canon DR-3080CII - a high-speed, high-performance, color desktop Duplex Scanner. Never before have so much advanced functionality, enhanced productivity, and superior reliability been offered in such a compact package.

With workloads expanding and turnaround times shrinking, no wonder your need for improved productivity is greater than ever before. The Canon DR-3080CII high speed Duplex Scanner performs much like those used in production environments. All of which adds up to production-level performance at a departmental-level price.

The DR-3080CII scans at speeds up to 86 images per minute. It offers a wide choice of scanning modes-24-bit color, 256 levels of grayscale and black and white modes, even advanced text enhancement for the documents with text on a dark background. Equipped with dual sensors, the DR-3080CII provides fast efficient one-pass, two-sided scanning, for robust document management and flexible paper handling. Connectivity is easy, too. And with only minimal training, virtually anyone can learn to operate the scanner efficiently in a short amount of time.

Canon's DR-3080CII simplifies essentially every aspect of the image capture process, ensuring as much hands-off control as possible.

The DR-3080CII has been tested for compatibility with many of the industry's leading electronic document management solution providers.


Price: $3295.00
Sale: $2795.00

Description Item No. Compatible With Price Order
Endorser ED500 with Die Drum 3649A001AC DR-3080CII $1,008.00
Die Drum B110 with Dater 3654A003AB DR-3080CII $530.00
Ink Roller, Black 6331A001AA DR-3080CII $74.00
Ink Roller, Red 6334A001AA DR-3080CII $74.00
Ink Roller, Purple 6333A001AA DR-3080CII $74.00
Ink Roller, Green 6332A001AA DR-3080CII $74.00
Exchange Roller Kit for 500 K 6915A001AA DR-3060 / 3080C / 3080CII $123.00
Exchange Roller Kit for 1000 K 6915A002AA DR-3060 / 3080C / 3080CII $78.00
SCSI II Cable G (50pin/50pin) 3649A008AA DR-3080CII $158.00
SCSI II/III Cable H (50pin/68pin) 3649A009AA DR-3080CII $158.00
Soft Carrying Case 1129V241 DR-3060 / 3080C / 3080CII $95.00
Hard Carrying Case 0134V882 DR-3060 / 3080C / 3080CII $650.00

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