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Secure Offsite Data Backup

Loyal Business Machines recommends business use a hardware-based solution to conduct their automatic local and offsite data backups. We can provide you with an innovative hardware-based backup solution that provides automatic local and offsite data backup. This solution is geared to meet the important demands of small to large businesses at prices everyone can afford.

Everyone knows that having a good data backup plan is a critical part of business today. From hard drives that develop bad sectors to the possibility of fire, bad things can happen. Having a reliable data recovery plan in place can mean the difference between your business not missing a beat or losing thousands of hours of work.

Taking your Backups Offsite
Offsite just means any location other than where your data is primarily used. This is basically an insurance measure in case something drastic like a fire or hurricane physically destroys the assets that you keep in your locations where data is backed up from. If that unfortunate event happens, you will know that you have a copy or several copies of this important information stored somewhere else.

With Offsite backups you can automatically and securely transfer your data backups to multiple offsite locations that are physically and technically secure. Automatic offsite data backup service can help organizations comply with legal regulations that require them to have appropriate controls of their data like HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. Since the process of getting your data to these locations is a secure transfer over your existing broadband connection, there is no time in which your important data is traveling around in a car or briefcase. Your data is always 100% secure.

Compare Offsite Backups with Tape
Unlike tapes, offsite backups require no day-to-day labor. The automatic off site backup service allows you to custom tailor a data backup solution that you know will protect your data day in and day out.  Also, taps have a technical annual failure rate anywhere from 1 to 12 percent. That is why you maintain multiple tapes from previous days with daily snapshots. If the first tape does not restore, hopefully the next one in the rotation will. Some estimates put the number of tape restores that will fail from either a technical or administrative mistake as high as 71 percent! On the other hand, Offsite Backups can store as many file versions as you want at multiple secure offsite locations using highly redundant storage servers.

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