Common Technical Questions

Can any type of toner be used with my machine?
Troubleshooting - Facsimile Units
Troubleshooting - Copiers
Common Error Codes

Q. Can any type of toner be used with my machine?
A. No. Each machine has it's own specific toner cartridge. Using the wrong toner would be like putting diesel in you car instead of gas. In order to protect the investment you made in your machine it is important to use the correct toner. To find the correct toner for your machine click here.

Troubleshooting - Facsimile Units

Telephone:            Can't Dial?
Is the power off -
Turn the power switch on.
Is the telephone line connected to the fax in the Marked 'L' Connection -
Be sure the telephone line is correctly connected to the fax.
Do you have a dial tone?
Press the Hook switch or lift handset and listen for the dial tone (Make sure volume is turned on)
Transmitting:          Cannot Send a Document?
Is the document fed into the fax -
Remove the document, stack it and feed it into the fax correctly.
Do you have enough memory left -
Check the 'MEMORY IN USE' prompt on the display.
Images sent or copied have spots or lines running down them -
Is the scanning glass clean?
Receiving: Cannot Receive a Fax?
Is the 'ANS HOOK UP' or 'MANUAL' light on?
Is there sufficient memory available to receive?
General: Nothing on the Display?
Is the power switch on?
Ensure the plug is firmly in the unit and the wall outlet.
Print Quality:        Nothing Prints?
Did you remove the strip from the cartridge before installing it in the unit?
Uneven printing -
Remove and shake the cartridge.

Troubleshooting - Copiers

Q. There are black lines on the copies from my IR2200/2800.
A. Before placing a service call try cleaning the thin sheet of glass on the left side of the machine.

Q. Machine is Dead
A. Make sure all doors on the machine are tightly shut.

Common Error Codes

Problem:   E005 Code (Tissue substance coming out)
Reason:    WEB needs to be replaced. Call 631-422-6200 for a Technician.

Problem:   Triangle w/Dots
Reason:     Machine is out of Toner. To order toner call Lucy at 631-422-6200.

Problem:    Cigar Shaped Cylinder       
Reason:      Replace Drum


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